Cringe Crows

Cringe Crows

Cringe Crows is an NFT flock made in cooperation with the esports team CrowCrowd. Our birds represent the connection between modern society, trends, memes and cryptocurrencies.

Inspired by diverse video games and geek communities, we made them unique and easily recognizable: each crow is one-and-only in its appearance, traits and background. Also, they look so cool 😉

Why? – Cringe number of 4567 birds :bird: :bird: :bird: :bird: :bird: :bird: :bird: :bird: :bird: :bird: :bird:

  • Created by 2 weird guys on a late-night;
  • Drawn in pixel-art by hand in 57×57, then stretched to 1995×1995 and randomly generated;
  • 40 legendary handmade crows inspired by pop-culture and video games, spreaded randomly throughout numbers (each one is mega-unique);
  • First ever NFT Mascot for the real esports team;
  • Because CAW-CAW, that’s why;

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