CryptoBinks is a collection of 10,000 badass baby superheroes defending the blockchain. Whenever there is mischief or mayhem in the crypto-verse, the CryptoBinks are ready to save the day! 

The CryptoBinks may look like ‘babies’ but they are superpowered meta-being whose mystical ‘crypto binkies’ are filled with boundless energies. Each of the 10,000 CryptoBinks have unique superpowers that they use to defend the blockchain against mischief and mayhem. The CryptoBinks hail from different corners of the metaverse, and together they can accomplish the impossible.



This project started off as a toy IP in South Korea, and it gained a large fanbase across Asia. Now we are revamping this IP into a global NFT project with utility for all our community members. 

Just as important as the community is the founders behind the project. We are a creative studio based in US & Korea and we’ve been working together for the past decade and we have vast experience in the creative media industry from animation to games to toys, and now in the blockchain and NFT space. So we are confident we can quickly and efficiently execute our roadmap.

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