Diamond Hands

Diamond Hands

Diamond Hands started as a meme on reddit and has grown to be a symbol to those who are not selling their crypto. If you truly have Diamond Hands you can hold until the end of time facing major panic and storms along the way. Right now we’ve expressed those Diamond Hands into Digital collectibles. You can now own your own Diamond Hands.

The original collection exists of 100 digitally “hand-painted” diamond hands that features different colours and backgrounds. The collection stands symbol for all the people who are not selling their assets but are showing their diamond hands. The first 1-79 Diamond hands do have a fixed priced while the number 80-100 are going on auction.

NOTE : There is one Diamond Hands in the total collection which has a hidden wallet with 1 ETH. Which means that the buyer of that specific Diamond Hands Edition will be the owner of that wallet and therefor receive 1 ETH.

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