Dreams City

Dreams City

A not-pfp collectible of 10000 buildings on the Cardano blockchain, generated with different traits, to build a city gathering the NFT community members around the world together. In a vast city plan, you can have a matchless hill-house or an apartment.

The diversity of the items in DC makes it an exclusive collectible. To make this diversity niftier, this project is coming with airdrops, giveaways, metaverse events, and so on. This project is a gate to enter metaverse. 14 20 16 10 08

Each building is created by a random algorithm, combining more than +140 traits, which ensures that it is unique and differentiated from the others. Some items possess very rare traits that will set them apart from the rest of the city. We will be supported by the different rarity tools post drop. Minting an item is totally random.

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