An NFT Seasonal Fantasy RPG on the Blockchain. Limited to just 10,000 unique, programmatically generated characters.

Elementa are a not just an avatar, Elementa are not just a collectible, Elementa are all of that but also the remaining population of a destroyed world called Viridium, the last 10,000 survivors on the Blockchain, trying to find a way to repair their world.

Your character will be your entry into the world of Elementa, with them you will face tough battles, compete to be champions, create guilds with your closest allies and be a part of the epic storyline Novel which adapts to every decision you make.

Elementa also offers Seasonal Leaderboards with ETH and other Prizes, and not forgetting converting your in-game gold to our ERC-20 token for a real play-to-earn capability. All while keeping value and provable rarity.

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