Ether Pillz

Ether Pillz

A Science Experiment “Gone ⛓Blockchain”

One Abracadabra 🪄 kinda summer night it all began… A 😡 scientist in panic mode decided to dump a abundance of 🧪’s full of Ether Gas in an already jam packed back alley trash bin, behind a 🛍 mall on “The North 📈 side of town.”

⏪ Rewind to earlier that day… The mall had a 🔥 In which every store had damaged products due to💨 and water that sprayed from the sprinkler system.💦 One by☝️the mall’s staff walked their inventory of “Goods gone Bad 😈” to the trash bin, tossing all their damaged products. The🍦parlor dumped loads of tasty 👅 colored 🌈 melted ice cream, the electronic depot scrapped their hardware 💻 and “Ethereum Miners”, the fast food restaurant tossed all their food, 🍔 and watered down fountain drinks, the sports memorabilia store threw out their damaged jerseys 👕 and cards, the Chinese restaurant discarded 📦’s of their “Fortune Cookies” 🥠, and the pharmacy disposed “5000 Pills” Did I mention Pillz…💊

🤓 Well I’m sure you know where this is going… Basically “Everything and Anything” from the mall in combination with “The 🧪‘s from The Lab” was disposed together 🤝 within the same trash bin. The Result 💯 “One by One” 5000 Ether Pillz began slowly spilling out of the shopping mall trash bin. 🗑 All Unique and “Fresh to Def”, with different Colors, Flavors, and Personalities!

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