Killjoy Monsters

Killjoy Monsters

The Killjoy Monsters have been roaming free and causing destruction on planet Earth for hundreds of years. Now the Earthlings are joining forces in an effort to end this chaos by banishing The Killjoy Monsters forever into the blockchain.

Our team has been working on creating a new 3D collection of the monsters. The 3D Meta Killjoy Monsters will be launching in the coming weeks, after the main sale of the Killjoy Monsters ends. Owners of the Killjoy Monsters collection will be able to mint one 3D Killjoy Monsters for absolutely FREE of charge. And not limited to, owners will have the opportunity to join exclusive virtual events.

What drives the Killjoy Monsters to cause destruction and make evil plans is their $KILLJOY. Every Monster will produce up to 10 $KILLJOY tokens every day. The $KILLJOY token will be launched when 100% of the Killjoy Monsters are minted. With the $KILLJOY token you will be able to stake it, buy merch at our shop, and even use it to upgrade your Monster.

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