Little Creatures Factory

Little Creatures Factory

High-quality 6,666 Creatures are waiting for you to feed them. Do not hesitate to mint them and add them to your NFT collection.

6,666 one-of-a-kind drawn collection NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each trait is meticulously digitally-drawn and crafted, then generated by an algorithm to create unique art pieces.

We are a group of passionate designers, innovators and builders with plans to completely diversify our Creatures into the new era. Team

Why Ethereum Network?: Ethereum’s integration with OpenSea provides users with a seamless shopping and coinage experience, as side as low gas costs This will help the users trade our Creatures without worries about the expenses, which will help our plans of spreading our cute Creatures with all NFT’s lovers around the world.

What Little Creatures Factory? the name is inspired by the animation movie “Baby Monster” which is our favorite movie as kid. It proved that laughter is a more effective form of power and a new way to fuel society. With laughter and happiness our community could keep itself from drowning in these dark sentiments, here we provide funny and cute Creatures with our project.

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