Lost in the Dryer

Lost in the Dryer

Lost in the Dryer is a collection of 2056 randomly generated Lost Sock Puppets hiding on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Lost Socks are dime store versions of Jim Henson inspired puppets. With all their faults, holes, and stains they make up for with character and charm. Everyone has a Lost Sock, a cold foot and a single sock looking for its pair. Maybe yours is Lost in the Dryer!

Jessie Hannam has been making art since he was old enough to wet the bed. His style is gothic chic. Finding humour in darkness.

He spends his time between Shenzhen, Paris, and Toronto (where he hails from).

We’ve all suffered from a lost sock or two and we are no different. Coming from different technical background the team has come together to help reunite lost socks with their owners.

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