Majestic Deers

Majestic Deers

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a blockchain-based digital token that represents for unique assets. You can purchase, store, trade, and sell these tokens. Majestic Deers created a unique collection of digital artworks and established an active community to rule in the crypto space.

Majestic Deers is an NFT collection of 3,333 unique, randomly generated deers on the Solana blockchain. We aim to build an active, supportive community for everyone here while contributing to charity work all around the world. Make sure to join our discord for all the updates.

First of all you will become a member of the coolest community ever! As a member you will be granted benefits like exclusive members only content and access + unlock perks through roadmap activation. Oh and we forgot to mention.. You will be able to get a free companion NFT that will be launched later this year!

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