Metavaders is a sci-fi pixel NFT collection of 10101 avatars that includes humanoids, aliens, robotic species and others. These NFTs will possess special interactive features. Currently we have planned:

  • Transformable NFTs – NFTs have the ability to transform if certain conditions are met
  • Vader Vault – Metavaders will be able to “capture” NFTs and place them inside a vault for special rewards and privileges (more details here).
  • Deflationary Mechanism – There is an intention to create a deflationary mechanism such as upgrading your Metavader via burning.

Metavaders NFTs have unique smart contract functions, such as an ‘activation’ option to go into battle mode, where elements of the image (e.g. background, character/weapon positiosn) will change according to what other NFTs the wallet owner holds (e.g. owning both a Metavaders and Animetas will trigger a change)


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