Miningverse NFT

Miningverse NFT

We have mines of more than 500MW hashing power operated all over the world. Through NFT, we provide you with an efficient, safe, and legal source of virtual assets.

The philosophy of the Miningverse project: ‍ Since the metaverse is still in its infancy, we focus on adding greater real-world utility into NFT at this stage. Metaverse which is based on blockchains and cryptocurrencies will redistribute the world’s wealth.

AncientPunk is a collection of 10K unique NFTs. Genesis launch and minting. Public launch and minting. Whitelist minting. Funds distribution(90% investment on mining, 5% in community fund, 5% operation fund). Launch a P2E game. Holding an AncientPunk NFTgrants access to the game. (within a week or two after the public mint) Organize activities in real life.

Design 3D avatar. Create our own token and list it on major crypto exchanges. Modeling of AR elements. Expand real-life mining sites. Expand retail businesses. Organizing activities and event.

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