Monster Molecules Research Lab

Monster Molecules Research Lab

Welcome to the Monster Molecules Research Lab (MMRL), a genesis clan of 5,555 excited molecules growing stronger and volatile with a mission to make the Metaverse a better place. These monsters are derived from the energy source molecule of glucose which appears in a hexagon shape. Just like how glucose molecules played a pivotal role in human evolution thus the universe we are today, monster molecules are determined to provide revolutionary functions and utilities to the NFT world and ultimately the Metaverse.

The Lab was a world of endless possibilities, exploration and evolution and many different clans and classes have lived in it in the greatest harmony. Each territory was properly delimited from any other by a glass border and these territories housed different clans that were further split into several classes. The most powerful and known territories out there were Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins. Almost everyone knew them and respected them for the great utility these molecules provide for the continuous survivability of other organisms. This triad has ruled the Lab for over a decade and their legendary clans were the only ones that kept the balance everywhere and in anything.

On a peculiar day, when the skies in the Lab flickered in eerily flashes of light, when a powerful, almost blinding lightning struck all territories, shaking them to the very core, the first that fell under the wrath of the unseen enemy was the Carbohydrates kingdom. As dark forces were already plotting to destroy and consume all molecules in the Lab, panic started to swell amidst them when the very first attack hit the Glucose molecules, rendering the Carbohydrates territory vulnerable, shattered and in shambles. Craters and huge blazing gorges were now staining the bedding of the once beautiful and thriving zone. The Glucose molecules saw the powerful lightning in the gloomy sky and before they would act and seek exodus, they were mercilessly hit by the scalding lights, charging them with malicious energies, forever changing them, forever mutating them.

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