MPLC Augmented Reality

MPLC Augmented Reality

CryptOcean is the new wave of innovation in the NFT space, bringing the metaverse and the universe together with augmented reality advances for all holders.

CryptOcean’s mission is to raise awareness for the protection of our Oceans through marine-based NFT art. Our first collection features mermaids, with unique variations of this mythical sea creature. The ecosystem will continue to grow, with new collections and collaborations, as well as the $CAVIAR staking rewards token, all planned for 2022.

Marine life is racing extinction, unless we turn the tide urgently. We sponsor companies focused on ocean conservation to create educational films that expose this extensive global threat. Our featured tagline ‘Stop Killing Them, Start Minting Instead’ raises awareness of our mission to protect the planet, whilst investing in NFT. Bringing the universe and the metaverse together attracts new investors to CryptOcean and the NFT space.

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