Music Racer NFT

Music Racer NFT

333 unique 3D NFT racers playable in Music Racer 2000 – a play-to-earn racing game on the Ethereum blockchain.

Players will be able to race their own NFT Lambo whilst listening to their own music in the soon-to-be released Music Racer 2000 – a play-to-earn (P2E) coming soon to PC, Android and console.

Music Racer 2000 is the sequel to ‘Music Racer’ that has sold over 1 million copies worldwide and amassed over 5 million downloads. The game has been a hit with players all over the globe with a Very Positive score on Steam, 2,977 reviews and 4.2 on Google Play from 219,231 reviews.

The concept of the Music Racer series is that the game adapts to the players own music – generating a unique race track that adapts to the rhythm and pitch of the song.

The game and NFT collection are brought to you by AbstractArt – a group of experienced game developers that have an established back catalog of other games including Music Killer. More NFT cars and customisable 3D content is to be expected as the project and communnity develops.

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