Pig Boss Club

Pig Boss Club

Pig Boss Club (PBC) – is a unique collection of 5555 Pig NFTs with over 1,000 layers. Living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our collection consists of 5555 unique tokens, every Pig Boss will be unique in his own way. There are more than 1000 layers – while the average amount of layers in other collections is around 250-300 units. PBC collection will be released in Ethereum Blockchain. Join the family, you are going to have an exciting journey in the world of NFT culture!

We’re starting our social networking journey. We are going to create a Discord server, where you can communicate with your comrades, discuss various topics, share your stories and fully immerse yourself in Pig Boss life. By participating in events and life in our community, you will get a chance to get whitelisted. You can also follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts to stay up-to-date with the latest news (including prize draws) and collaborations with other well-known projects.

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