Rebel Kids Haunted Mansion

Rebel Kids Haunted Mansion

Rebel Kids is a collection of 6,666 randomly generated NFT characters created from over 500 traits and inspired by teenage rebellious style, goth & emo culture, and fancy horror movies. People love the project thanks to @KsurrealismA – an amazing and talented illustrator behind this art.

Rebel Kids launched a pre-collection of 666 Rebel Cat Familiars, which was sold out in 2 hours, considering there was a limitation of minting only 1 Rebel Cat per wallet. Each of 500+ holders of Rebel Cats will get a Rebel Kid from the main collection for free. Thanks to this, the Rebel Cats floor price raised x7 compared to the mint price and it keeps growing. Moreover, a friendly and loyal community was gathered around in anticipation of the main collection launch.

On the Rebel Kids’ roadmap, there are multiple airdrops of Familiars, a merchandise store, building the Haunted Mansion on the sandbox game, and many other activities.

Rebel Kids’ launch is on August 25. The team honed its skills while launching the test collection, which was very smooth. It only confirmed that the project is backed by a solid team of developers. Along with great art, friendly and loyal community, the project has high potential.

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