Robot companions can assist Robot in completing tasks, and it needs to be manufactured through the machine component workbench and the Robot companion workbench. Build production factories by digging components and power blocks in the land to produce Robot companions with different properties.Robot companions can also change their appearance through the Robot Editor. Each Robot companions is a unique NFT that can be freely traded or leased.

In Taro Planet, you can do anything on your own land. Such as mining and collecting resources, building houses, manufacturing robot companion and much more. It is a land that is entirely yours, a world that is entirely your own. RobotEra provides an editor that supports players in building buildings on the land and also in creating robots or robot companion. The buildings or robots created by the player can generate corresponding NFT digital assets that can be traded.

RobotEra’s roadmap will be a little different, and RobotEra’s ecology will change with everyone’s participation. Every quarter we bring exciting new content to the community.

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