Sol Ape Girl

Sol Ape Girl

In the first place, a website, Instagram, discord and twitter will be established. Advertisements will be shared on all social media and the project will be promoted. Efforts will be made to establish a strong and solid committee.

2777 Sol Ape ready to launch the girls. All are special and unique. There are Rarities among them: Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary. There will be rewards like free airdrops, sweepstakes and whitelisting for the first backers of Sol Ape Girl. Publishing and listing in all major volume markets.(Magic Eden Solanart Solsea) Half of the commission fee from their sales will be used for floor sweeping.

$SAG token will be airdropped to all Sol Ape Girl holders $SAG token will be airdropped to all Sol Ape Girl owners. This is 10% of the total supply. The remaining 50% will remain locked for 3 years. 30% for stake and 10% for team stake. Team share will be unlocked at the end of the 1st year and 10% will be split equally within 12 months and the locks will be unlocked gradually.

All Sol Ape Girl owners can stake their nft Earning levels will vary depending on the rarity of nft holders. will be sorted by common, rare, super rare, and legendary rarity. Stakes will be active after the 3rd month of the sale of the project. The $SAG tokens accumulated in the staking will be made every 48 hours in the first place. The Difficulty Level will be adjusted automatically based on the number of nft staked and efforts will be made to keep the $SAG token at the highest level.

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