Starpunks are custom designed artworks inspired by ultimate football heroes and their professional life. An automated algorithm was developed to create unique pieces out of these artworks.  The focus of Starpunks project is to bring football legends to world of NFT collectibles.

This collection consists of 7000 unique art pieces. In the Starpunks collection, heroes have a variety of outfits, from their current and previous clubs as well as their national teams. In addition,  accessories were designed to mimic heroes fashion life.

Starpunks collection is part of a bigger project by NFTsClub, MUSEUM OF THE FUTURE. Fifteen pieces of this collection will be minted and kept in the museum as a private collection. They will not be offered for sale, and will be a back up for holders of Starpunks collection. The Museum project will evolve to contain more diverse collections and support artists. All holders of NFTs by NFTsClub will get benefits like voting option, special discounts, etc.

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