Terra Obscura

Terra Obscura

About Terra Obscura

We are a team of ambitious creatives with a forward thinking attitude to the NFT space. We want to deliver beautiful art, innovative services and ultimate value to our community whilst making AI art and NFT creation available to all.

We believe there is more to this space than buzzwords and PFP’s and will be creating the first dynamic NFT art creation community. We want our artists to feel like they really benefit from their work and will be directing secondary royalties back to them along with many other benefits along the way.

What makes us unique?

5k Super high res 1/1 beautiful landscapes that offer membership to our community
Anyone can be an artist! All images are generated by short test descriptions within a few minutes.
Full attribute set (8 categories, 80+ attributes)
Holders of our Gen1 mint can use our AI to create their own NFT’s. All secondary sales from these pieces go to their creators.
Regular AI art comps with substantial prizes in ETH/USD/NFTs
Long term view to create an artistic community with wide range of creative tools. Once community members develop their own style they can apply to launch on our IAO (Initial Artist Offering) launchpad.

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