The Egg Society

The Egg Society

The Egg Society is a collection of 8.888 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain, assembled from over 200 unique hand-drawn traits, with the goal of creating a community-led project with a seeded treasury of $500k. Total number of eggs 8.888 Smart contract type ERC-721 Number of unique hand drawn traits 200 3.000 NFTs for 500 whitelist seats

Be part of 8.888 #EggFrens determined on creating the best community to lead one of the most ambitious DAO projects ever!!!

The treasury will be seeded after the public sale with $500k and managed through our community voting format, replicating a DAO, giving the holders the power of participating in the governance of the project and decide its future.

The Egg Society is committed to do the best build-outs in multiple Metaverses including Sandbox and NFT Worlds!

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