Vampire Girls

Vampire Girls

Vampire Girls Awaken From Eight Hundred Years Of Sleep. During The Inquisition’s War, The Ancient Vampires Sent All The Pureblood Girls To A Secret Lair, Where They Slept For Nearly 800 Years. But Now Their Time Has Come.

After Waking Up, The Vampire Girls Will Go On A Hunt To Regain Their Strength. They Will Set Up Additional Lairs, Where They Will Study The Changes In the Modern World. Glamor And Style, They Like It

All Of The Ancient Vampires Are Either Dead Or In Their Safe Havens. The Girls Need An Army Of Vampires. The Clan Consists Of 6666 Vampires. This Is The Law

Special Hunt. There Are All Kinds Of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Dwarves, And Other Things In This World. We Must Taste Them All. Every Vampire Needs Her Own Pet. Companion Spirits Will Be Summoned From The Parallel Universe. Cozy Coffins For Every Vampire. They Will Be Created By The Best Carpenters, After They Will Be De-Blooded.

The Clan Deserved It. A Party For The Whole Clan. The Clan Deserved It. A Party For The Whole Clan. Clan Elders Will Be Chosen At The Party.

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