WoofPack NFT

WoofPack NFT

Designed in Unreal Engine 5, WoofPack is a limited NFT collection where your dog grants you access to an exclusive lifelong friendship with other dog lovers.

Developed by The K9 Collective, WoofPack is a community DAO driven collection of 5,555 randomly generated ERC-721 tokens.

Our mission is to be the #1 community for NFT collectors, dog lovers and IRL dogs on the blockchain.

Owning a WoofPack NFT allows you lifelong access to an exclusive club – filled with perks!

This includes but is not limited to:

Access to incredible live events and experiences helping dogs around the world through different charitable initiatives – voted on by YOU
Exclusive clothing and merchandise
Unlocking new animations for your NFT’s with $Boom
Access to our pipeline of games and more!

We listen to our community, incorporating feedback, and work to build a space our community is proud to be a part of, providing as much ongoing value as possible to holders.

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