YASHA by Tangerine Labs

YASHA by Tangerine Labs

YASHA is a new anime art collection, combining JDM car culture aesthetics, and modern anime illustration methods. This collection is hand finished and generated ensuring the highest quality.

The collection is available in a 2:3 poster format, perfect for display, and also as PFP. Future roadmap includes free mints for a special manga (currently in development), physical prints, merch, and community development.

To continue building the project long term, we will provide highly sought after mints for free, or low cost as possible for holders. Some may be important pieces to hold for advancing the story, and some may be art gifts, their only purpose is to be appreciated 😻 .

The first stage of the journey begins with a limited-edition 3333 NFT that has been created with great care over the past 6 months, and is the first flagship collection released under Tangerine Labs.

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